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Water Chiller

We are selling water and brine chiller systems for any industrial use. Our water chillers are used wherever cooling and temperature control are required.

Flake Ice Plant

RTI is offering flake ice plant solutions of industrial grade. Flake ice plants are producing thin layers of ice about 2 mm thickness. Which are used for concrete cooling as well as for fish industry.

Block Ice Plant

Our block ice plant solutions producing thick large ice blocks in 25 or 50 kg. Using specialized stainless steel cartridges cooled and powered by a high efficient refrigerator.

Ice Blower

Our company also offering a system called ‚Ice Blower‘ which are capable of blowing ice and dispensing flake ice thought a large tube to different location.

Ice Storage

The RTI OHG are producing storage systems to store flake ice in capacities of 20, 50, 75 & 100 tons. Maintained constantly at -5°C storage temperature.

Tube Ice Plant

Clean, hollow transparent tube shaped ice is produced by our tube ice plant. The final product is mainly used for human and fish consuption.

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